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MURDER ON Fogo Island


MURDER ON Fogo Island


MURDER BY Lansing Kool-Aid

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MURDER BY Lansing Kool-Aid

Book 2 of: The Michigan Prepositional Murders.

"Wendover's second prepositional Murder mystery satirically follow the flow of 'Kool-Aid' through murdered Representatives. It introduces the most-unique C.O.D. (Cause of Death) found in the last 138,326 published English-language murder mysteries. Coroners, homicide investigators and cheating spouses beware!.. The Cause of Death recipe is included."

- Michigan Most Wanted (law enforcement magazine)

Murder by lansing kool aid.PNG
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Murder At The Penniman Deli.png
MURDER AT The Penniman Deli

Book 1 of: The Michigan Prepositional Murders.

An "historical fiction" murder mystery that romps deliciously -- with 35 "killer" recipes - - through Plymouth Michigan. This satirical story by town's former newspaper publisher names real names while the staff of the newspaper races to solve the mystery half a deadline ahead of Plymouth Police. Although it uses actual names and places in Plymouth, this yarn is all fiction... and mysterious fun - - except to the victims, of course.

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